Modern Vermont

Modern Vermont offers expertise in design and building, whether furniture, kitchen cabinets, storage units or an entire space, Modern Vermont offers unique design, well-crafted and good looking, in a fashion that respects the environment and with pricing that makes it affordable for residential or commercial clients.

Modern Vermont’s principal is Lincoln Brown.  His commitment to excellence shines through each of his designs.  Plywood has never looked as good as it does in Lincoln’s hands.   His respect for the environment is illustrated in his near zero-waste approach to building, along with his use of health- and earth-friendly materials.  His knack for understanding clients’ specific needs and desires shows up in their satisfaction at the end of a job.

Modern Vermont is a fresh take on contemporary design.  MV subscribes to principles of minimalist design, creating beautiful, highly functional objects.

Some of the freesh takes you will see are how an ordinary piece of plywood can transform one’s idea of a conference table, a gym, a dining room chair or a student desk.  Drawing on the particular characteristics of plywood, Lincoln turns a boring sheetrock wall into something that resembles a striated desert rock face.  The richness and texture marry well with the clean edges and interesting angles.

By now, you’ve figured out that Modern Vermont is keen on plywood.  And plywood for its own virtue, not masquerading as anything other than what it is:  a super strong material with inner beauty brought to life by MV.

Part of the beauty in MV’s work is the lack of waste.  Every design is worked out in full detail beforehand via 2d and 3d computer drawing. Design’s are laid out on a virtual piece of plywood and like working a puzzle, fitting each component exactly right to maximize the sheet of plywood.

Still, scraps are inevitable, but they are never wasted.  Small, leftover pieces get turned into table tops, picture frames, jewelry boxes, or whatever idea may bubble up on a certain day.

Whether it is furniture, kitchen cabinets, storage units or an entire space, what you’ll get with Modern Vermont is unique design, well-crafted and good-looking, with pricing that makes it attainable for residential or commercial clients.




Mirriam-Webster Definition

1 a : of, relating to, or characteristic of the present or the immediate past : contemporary

b : of, relating to, or characteristic of a period extending from a relevant remote past to the present time

2: involving recent techniques, methods, or ideas : up-to-date

3 capitalized : of, relating to, or having the characteristics of the present or most recent period of development of a language

4: of or relating to modernism : modernist


Maple syrup, Ben  & Jerry’s, fall foliage…iconic Vermont, the 2nd least populous state, and to us the most beautiful.  According to Greenopia rankings, Vermont is the greenest state in the nation, and while we recognize these rankings are subjective, it can’t be far from the truth.   Vermont is a leader in many green initiatives, including renewable energy and forest preservation.  Vermonters love the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of the natural landscape. Modern Vermont takes the name of its home state, not just to show off where the products are made, but because MV shares the green values of Vermont, striving to make simple products that are responsibly made and do the least harm to the natural environment.