Dragonnheart Vermont and Survivorship NOW (Network on Wellness) was blessed when Christine Burdick of Christine Burdick Interior Design introduced us to Lincoln Brown and Modern Vermont.
Like a butterfly after it’s transformation – Lincoln with his inner artistic gift transformed the home of Survivorship NOW from a utilitarian space located at Whitecap Cap Business Park, 426 Industrial Ave., Suite 164, in Williston Vermont into a room of softness , warmth and joy.

The crafted wooden panels which open to allow for the projection of powerpoint and slide presentations was further brought to life when Lincoln carved symbolic butterflies into the wooden panels.

Lincoln also brought life into the speaker’s podium with the use of soft colored wood and again the symbolic butterfly appears to remind us all of our dedication to serve all cancer survivors in our community.

The wings of the symbolic butterfly express the six tenets of Survivorship NOW - Exercise, Connection, Nutrition, Education, Spirit & Joy and Service.

May the warmth that Lincoln created bring joy, comfort and well-being to those cancer survivors who partake of the programs and activities at Survivorship NOW.
— PJ Ciardelli | SNOW Project Manager, Dragonheart Vermont
Christine Burdick Design has had the pleasure of working with Lincoln Brown and Modern Vermont on many of our commercial projects. Lincoln’s ability to quickly turn around design options, pricing and samples make him extremely easy to work with. His use of sustainable, local, environmentally responsible materials allow us to provide our clients with custom pieces that are designed and fabricated right in Burlington. Lincoln is laid back, amazingly creative and brings value to each of our projects. We utilize his talent whenever possible and have a lot of fun along the way.
— Christine Burdick | Christine Burdick Design
When Dragonheart Vermont opened the doors to its cancer wellness center, Survivorship NOW, we knew that the space needed an energy and punch to match the enthusiasm of our empowering programs. Christine Burdick of Christine Burdick Interior Design knew just what to do. She turned to Lincoln Brown of Modern Vermont to create her inspiration of a storage wall that was striking, environmentally sound, and functional. Lincoln took the idea and ran with it. He listened to our needs to create multifunctional pieces that served as storage, opened for video viewing, and looked stunning. The best part is Lincoln integrated into his work, our transformative Survivorship NOW symbol, the butterfly. He painstakingly crafted butterflies on the front of the storage wall that truly bring the room to life. To top if off, Lincoln even created a matching podium that pulls our room altogether. Every time I walk into the room, it takes my breath away as I take in its beauty and think of all the people like Christine and Lincoln that worked together to make Survivorship NOW a reality.
— Linda Dyer | Executive Director, Dragonheart Vermont
Because we had such a specific vision for the type of space we wanted to create, we had a difficult time selecting a construction/fabrication/design partner. We went with Modern Vermont because they were the first group we’d met who really took the time to understand our needs and wants before they began introducing concepts or ideas. As a result, everything everything they did exceeded our wildest expectations. They took our ideas for the look and feel we wanted to capture, and transformed our space into an environment we never imagined we’d have been able to realize on the tight budget we had. We’ve engaged Lincoln on several projects since, with even more spectacular results. We’ve gotten to the point were we don’t even bother providing creative direction anymore - everything Lincoln comes up with on his own winds up being so much more brilliant than what we’d develop on our own, that it’s just a waste of time. This is Lincoln and Modern Vermont’s true value - they’re the team you call when you know what you need, but aren’t sure how to get it to look perfect.
— Tyler Barnes, co-owner of Crossfit TT