Siding = Done. by Lincoln Brown

just about. some final nailing to do and we're waiting on the roofer to do the porch roofs so there a few boards missing.

Junior and Gordie are pulling the brush pile off the slope so Becky can start planting, then they are finishing up the grade around the house!

Siding Progress by Lincoln Brown

The siding is finally out of the shop (where it's been taking a whole lot of space since November) and going on the walls.  I cheaped out on the material by getting 1x6 stock and cut the profile myself in the shop. No small task, it took about 2 solid days of repetitive work. See the video...

I picked up this beast of a shaper (Moak) at an auction for $75. It is 50+ years old and still runs like a champ!

Then there was the transportation...

Putting the ol' truck to work!!!


We gave up on Shou Sugi Ban, opting instead for a nearly black stain, Ben Moore's Arbor Coat semi solid oil finish. I'm really happy with the results, just the right balance of blackness while also showing some wood character.

And now the walls are half covered.

Winter is over by Lincoln Brown

Some photos of the property from late April. while wandering I discovered a scary looking rusty metal shed. Goat shelter? No dead bodies inside thank goodness.